Yasser Shkeir

Passionate about leveraging technology and innovation to build impactful solutions and drive business success.

About me

Projects & Things I've Worked On


Technologies & Expertise

I have diverse experience in technology and business. My expertise spans across development, consulting, and working with startups and businesses to improve efficiency and scalability.

  • Front-End Development

    • ReactJS
    • React Native
    • Next.js
    • Tailwind CSS

  • Back-End Development

    • Node.js
    • Django
    • Express.js
    • SQL and NoSQL Databases

  • CICD & DevOps

    • Continuous Integration (CI)
    • Continuous Deployment (CD)
    • Testing and Automation
    • Git and Version Control

  • Consulting & Project Management

    • Software Selection
    • Workflow Optimization
    • Business Efficiency Software
    • Project Management Tools (Trello, Jira)

  • Startup Experience

    • Cofounding startups
    • Developing MVPs
    • Scaling operations
    • Business strategy and development

About Me

🚀 I am an experienced developer with a strong background in startups, having co-founded a startup at AUB iPark, worked on my own startup, and contributed to various other startups. Currently, I work at GreenTomatoMedia. My expertise lies in recommending and training on Business Software, Communication Software, Data Organization Software, and Business Efficiency Software.

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